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Recap of Top Union Leasing Blog Posts in 2018

Fleet Management Posted by Union Leasing on December 11, 2018

This year is quickly coming to an end—and as we wrap it up and look ahead to 2019, having an understanding of what resonated the most with our readers gives us an idea of what interests them the most. For starters, there was a lot going on in 2018 when it came to future trends in transportation, which will eventually shape the fleet industry. From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to connected, electric, and autonomous vehicles—companies that are keen on keeping up with these trends as they progressively become a reality should ideally start thinking about ways to adopt them in the future so that they’re able to run more efficient and cost-effective fleets.

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Union Leasing at the Northern California Clean Fleet Expo—2018 Edition

Posted by Marty Lyons, Regional Sales Manager on November 21, 2018

Last month, we attended the Northern California Clean Fleet Expo, which took place October 16-18 at the McClellan Conference Center in Sacramento, California. The expo highlighted some of the latest trends in low-emission and zero-emission technologies, the latest in on- and off-road technologies, and insights from policy and regulatory leaders at the state and federal levels. The event was great, and we got an inside scoop into the latest trends in the industry by visiting exhibitor booths and attending several workshops run by industry experts, who spoke to themes that are quite interesting from a Fleet Management perspective—which we’ll touch upon throughout this blog post.

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Union Leasing at the Western Growers Annual Meeting 2018

Posted by Marty Lyons, Regional Sales Manager on November 12, 2018

We recently attended an amazing event that focused on the importance of innovation in the agriculture industry – the Western Growers Annual Meeting. Western Growers was founded in 1926 and represents local and regional family farmers, growing fresh produce across Arizona, California, Colorado, and New Mexico. In California alone, agriculture is a staggering $43-billion-dollar industry. The conference brought together experts from all areas of the industry to access the latest news and to hear from experts about the issues and ideas that are at the forefront of agriculture.

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The Benefits of Telematics for Fleet Management

Posted by Union Leasing on November 1, 2018

Telematics is huge these days. Its ability to improve efficiency of operations and allow fleet managers to monitor logistics, route times, vehicle speeds, and driving behavior – all remotely – are just some of the benefits. Even further, telematics has the ability to produce invaluable information for monitoring idle times and associated fuel costs—as well as for isolating questionable driving practices. Another major benefit for fleets is telematics’ ability to automatically retrieve that coveted odometer information, which is crucial for accurate cost-per-mile calculations and maintenance forecasting.

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The Future State of the Transportation Industry & What it Means for Fleet Management

Posted by Union Leasing on October 26, 2018

By now, it has become widely known that the transportation and mobility industry will face various changes in the future due to the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is already playing a critical role in changing the industry’s landscape. As a fleet management company, this is a very interesting space for us to keep a close eye on—from the optimization of self-driving technology, to self-organizing fleets of vehicles and smart cities, these changes will foreseeably influence the industry.

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Infographic: A Quick Guide to Safe Driving in the Fall

Posted by Union Leasing on October 5, 2018

Ensuring that your fleet is in top-notch shape while on the road is important, but it is even more so with the current changes in weather. So, taking some preventative safety measures to ensure that your drivers are being safe out there is key! 

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