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Fleet Management 101: What is telematics, anyway?

Fleet 101 Posted by Greg Carson, Vice President Operations on May 12, 2016

If you’re new to fleet management, you’ve probably heard telematics get tossed around in your research. And while the industry has some great advice about how to integrate telematics or how to interpret the data that comes from monitoring the fleet, there aren’t as many articles that discuss the basics.

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Is Telematics Right for Your Fleet?

Fleet Management Posted by Greg Carson, Vice President Operations on May 3, 2016
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Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Driver Safety Posted by Union Leasing on April 26, 2016

According to data from the U.S. National Safety Council (NSC), talking on a mobile phone while driving increases accident risk by four times. Texting while driving increases accident risk by between eight and 23 times. And although thousands die needlessly in phone-related crashes every year, many people still tolerate phone use at the wheel.

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A Case for Customer Service in the Digital Age

Tips and Advice Posted by Roger Setzke, Vice President Customer Service on April 19, 2016

As someone who has been doing customer service in this industry for 40 years, I’ve had the opportunity to witness a lot of changes in my career. One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed—and perhaps you’ve seen it too—is how much customers know before they contact sales.

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How Are Fleet Fuel Costs Impacting Your Business?

Fleet Management Posted by Greg Carson, Vice President Operations on April 6, 2016

The impact of fleet fuel costs on business operations is a question people typically ask when gas prices are high. Since we’re all enjoying historically low fuel costs, fuel-efficiency seems like a non-issue right now. And while it’s perfectly understandable to take advantage of low fuel costs – by either adding to a fleet or upgrading to better vehicles at the expense of fuel efficiency – there is still wisdom in sticking to the long-term plan that fits your fleet and business goals.

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The End of Illinois Vehicle Emissions Test Reminders

Fleet Management Posted by Kathie Jarzombek, License, Title & Tax Manager on March 17, 2016

Renewing fleet vehicle registration in Illinois has just become even more complicated. As 2015 was wrapping up, the Secretary of State stopped mailing license plate renewal reminders, which many vehicle owners had come to rely on. Furthermore, while you could sign up for email reminders, you had to have the information from your last reminder or spend time on the phone to track it down. Well, it comes as no real surprise that now the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency is no longer mailing emissions test notice reminders either. 

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Fleet Management 101 – Should you lease, buy, or rent?

Fleet 101 Posted by Jeff Malko, Regional Sales Manager on February 25, 2016

Making the decision to own, lease or rent a vehicle can be tricky. Chances are you’ve had to make this choice in your personal life with your own vehicle, but when it comes to company fleets there’s more to consider. We’re here to explain the basics of what you need to know before jumping into a new vehicle commitment.  

What’s the difference?

First, some basic definitions:

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Sustainable Growth: Kent Boskovich featured in Automotive Fleet

Union Leasing in the News Posted by Patrick Cronin, Marketing Coordinator on January 26, 2016

Union Leasing President Kent Boskovich was recently featured in an article in Automotive Fleet Magazine. Boskovich joined Union Leasing in 1998 as a regional sales manager, and advanced to a management role before becoming president in 2007. He has taken Union Leasing from a fleet leasing provider to a full-service fleet management provider. In the article titled Union Leasing Focused on Steady, Sustainable Growth, Boskovich discusses Union Leasing’s short and long-term goals for growth, new initiatives, what differentiates Union Leasing and more. He goes on to weigh in on trends facing small and mid-sized fleets moving forward. 

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Union Leasing Inc. Acquires Walser Leasing

Union Leasing in the News Posted by Kelly Pronek, Sr. Director of Corporate Communications & Marketing on January 18, 2016

Acquisition expands Union Leasing’s leadership in fleet service management and enhances service, technology and expertise offered to customers.

Union Leasing Inc., America’s premier fleet leasing and management services provider, today announces the acquisition of Walser Leasing (Walser Financial Services), a leasing and fleet management solutions company servicing commercial fleets nationwide. The move expands Union Leasing’s total service offering while delivering enhanced services, technology and expertise to Walser’s current customer base. Kent Boskovich, President of Union Leasing explains:

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3 Vital Things to Do For Your Fleet in 2016

Tips and Advice Posted by Patrick Cronin, Marketing Coordinator on January 11, 2016

Start out the new year strong by setting your fleet up for success in 2016.

There are many things you can do to optimize your fleet management including making sure you have the proper vehicles for your industry, educating your employees about the dangers of distracted driving, and more. That’s a lot to think about all at once though. So, here are 3 of the most valuable things you can do for your fleet in 2016. Get started right away!

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