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Marty Lyons, Regional Sales Manager

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Union Leasing at the Western Growers Annual Meeting 2018

Posted by Marty Lyons, Regional Sales Manager on November 12, 2018

We recently attended an amazing event that focused on the importance of innovation in the agriculture industry – the Western Growers Annual Meeting. Western Growers was founded in 1926 and represents local and regional family farmers, growing fresh produce across Arizona, California, Colorado, and New Mexico. In California alone, agriculture is a staggering $43-billion-dollar industry. The conference brought together experts from all areas of the industry to access the latest news and to hear from experts about the issues and ideas that are at the forefront of agriculture.

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Fleet Management on the West Coast

Posted by Marty Lyons, Regional Sales Manager on May 17, 2018

Challenges around selecting the right vehicle for the job have always existed, so fleet management hasn’t really changed too much during my 21 years in the industry—with the exception of vehicles being more expensive today, of course, and also how technology impacts fleets. In California, where I’m based, the fleet industry isn’t that much different when compared to the rest of the states, apart from the higher demand for electric vehicles and attitudes about self-driving technology. The West Coast tends to have more ‘early adopters,’ and so it’s easier for them to pick up on trends like self-driving cars, for instance.

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Highlights from National Vehicle Leasing Association’s 50th Anniversary Conference

Fleet 101, Fleet Management Posted by Marty Lyons, Regional Sales Manager on April 26, 2018

The National Vehicle Leasing Association (NVLA) conference took place last week (April 18-20) at the beautiful Estancia La Jolla Hotel in California, and it was such a great opportunity to meet and network with professionals from all walks of the industry. A little unique and different from past conferences I’ve attended, there were no Fleet Managers present at the event, but more auto manufacturer representatives, small leasing companies, as well as banks, other lending institutions, insurance companies, and upfit and equipment companies.

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Connected, Electric, and Autonomous – Highlights from CES 2018

Posted by Marty Lyons, Regional Sales Manager on January 18, 2018

The automotive world has pretty much stayed the same or has made only incremental advances over the last few decades. The introduction of the CD changer was probably the most innovative or technologically sophisticated advancement the industry had seen – up until the last couple of years.

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Fleet Challenges Faced by the Construction Industry

Fleet Management Posted by Marty Lyons, Regional Sales Manager on May 25, 2017

In parts of the country, some of the first signs of spring and summer are construction jobs ramping up everywhere you look. The main goal for fleet managers in the construction industry is to track the use of each truck and piece of equipment, including monitoring costs associated with operating each piece, making sure to stay within the company’s fleet budget. They also look for ways to cut vehicle and equipment costs.

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