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5 Reasons to Add a Flexible Truck Rental Program to Your Fleet Plan

Sometimes purchasing or leasing your fleet vehicles makes sense. However, in some markets it may not make sense to have your vehicles year round. Maybe you have holiday peaks, seasonal needs, or need vehicles on a project-by-project basis. Then what do you do? That’s when a flexible, commercial truck rental program would fit your needs. Here are a few top reasons to consider this: 4X4-457311-edited

1. Market Uncertainty

In an unsure marketplace, buying or even leasing vehicles can come with a lot of uncertainty. Plus, why pay for vehicles when they aren’t being used? A flexible rental plan will protect your business. Plus, you can take on more business at peak times without having to invest capital in additional vehicles that you won’t need during slower times.

2. Eliminate Maintenance Expenses and Administration

Whether you own or lease vehicles, you are responsible for maintenance costs and administration, or at the very least hiring a fleet management company to manage the maintenance. With a flexible truck rental program your maintenance is covered by your rental agreement - even including tires. Add in a rental program with wear & tear forgiveness and you have nothing to worry about except getting the job done.

3. The Trucks You Need When and Where You Need Them

With a flexible truck rental program, your trucks come to you whenever and wherever you need them. With delivery and pickup of your trucks you don’t have to worry about anything. Plus, you can get rental trucks that fit the specifications of the job you need them for. Have a different project? You can easily exchange your trucks for a different type that fits the needs of your current project. You can even just rent trucks to supplement your existing company-owned or leased fleet as needed.

4. Business Growing Too Fast?

This is not the worst problem to have! However, an immediate increase in your fleet needs could cause logistical challenges and even a loss of revenue if work is delayed by a lack of vehicles. When business increases, or a large bid lands, you can immediately increase your fleet with a flexible rental program. Conversely, if business slows or you redirect effort and need fewer vehicles, just return your unneeded rental trucks and the rest is taken care of for you.

5. Newer, Current Model Trucks

Your flexible rental fleet features current model trucks, which not only make your employees happy, they also portray a better image for your brand. In addition, newer models often have the latest safety and technology features, as well as being dependable and more fuel efficient.

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