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Top 6 Ways Outsourcing Fleet Management Makes Your Job Easier

Have you considered outsourcing your fleet management to a professional fleet management company? Obviously, outsourcing your fleet management allows you to focus more on your core business initiatives. How does it work and what are the benefits of having a fleet management partner? We've outlined the top 6:Preventative-168930-edited

1. Streamline Operations

With a fleet management company you can eliminate having to make multiple payments with numerous expense reports and instead simply pay one company. This can significantly cut down the amount of internal administrative work required to manage your fleet operations. In addition to managing payments, a fleet management company can assist with providing you with detailed reports about the performance of your vehicles, your drivers, and more through telematics, fuel cards, and other technology.

2. Let the Experts Make the Choices

What kind of insurance should you get? Should you invest in vehicles with backup cameras and Bluetooth technology? These questions and more can be easily answered by a professional fleet management company with plenty of experience with other fleets. They will be able to make better, more informed choices about your fleet than your individual drivers or internal staff would likely be able to make. Plus, a fleet management company can help you calculate the lifecycle costs of your vehicles to figure out the best time to sell and replace vehicles in your fleet.

3. Make Vehicle Maintenance Effortless

Arguably one of the top benefits of working with a full-service fleet management company is not having to manage your fleet’s maintenance. Not only do you not need to manage the maintenance of individual vehicles, your fleet management company can often get better discounts on maintenance through their national account programs, and protect your from being overcharged for work performed. From purchasing vehicles, to parts replacement, going through a fleet management company can provide you with a lot of cost benefits. Following the recommended maintenance schedule keeps your drivers on the road, and you’ll feel comfortable knowing your maintenance is being done by a trusted company and at a fair rate. ASE certified maintenance advisors will also monitor you fleet’s lifecycle and ensure that you are not having unnecessary work performed, or that you aren’t replacing tires on a vehicle that is going to be replace next month. In general, the fleet management company can manage your fleet at a lower cost than your company could maintain it themselves.

4. In the Case of An Accident

While no one wants to think an accident can happen in their fleet, it’s better to be proactive than reactive. In the event one of your drivers does get in an accident, a fleet management company can pursue accident reimbursement, serve as the go-between for any lawsuits, manage warranty reimbursements, and pursue manufacturer rebates.

5. Masterful Monitoring

Fleet companies can constantly and consistently monitor every aspect of your fleet spending. In addition, they can monitor your vehicle inventory, utilization of vehicles, and driver behavior. Driver behavior is especially important to be sure drivers are complying with all rules and policies, are driving in an efficient manner, and are using fuel cards appropriately.

6. Working with Fleet Experts

Finally, a benefit of working with a fleet management company that many people overlook is their expertise simply from working with fleets daily. A fleet management company can better benchmark the performance of your fleet because they are managing multiple other fleets at the same time. In addition, this means they can identify opportunities for improvement as well as anticipate problems and inefficiencies and potentially avoid them completely. 

So where does that leave you?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused by having to choose between managing your own fleet or outsourcing management to a professional fleet company, there’s another solution. You can do both. What we mean is you can employ an internal fleet manager to monitor some aspects of your fleet management and act as a liaison between your company and the fleet company you choose. Most importantly though, whichever route you choose it will still require some work. If you do choose to outsource some or all of your fleet’s management you’ll still want to monitor and re-evaluate your fleet’s performance often.

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