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Build a Foundation: Fleet Management 101 Series

Fleet 101 Posted by Union Leasing on December 10, 2015

UnionLeasingBadge-V4.pngUnion Leasing is excited to announce our forthcoming series of educational posts: Fleet Management 101. By learning from all of the posts in this series you will build a significant foundation of knowledge about fleet management terminology and best practices. 

These posts will describe common fleet management terms in everyday language, cover the basic needs of a fleet, and outline best practices, tips and tricks for managing a fleet. We plan to publish a new Fleet Management 101 post every couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for posts that feature our Fleet Management 101 badge.

Fleet Management 101 will include posts answering questions like: 

  • Should you lease, rent, or own fleet vehicles and what’s the difference?
  • What are the different types of vehicle leases?
  • How do you select the appropriate vehicles for your fleet?
  • How can you get the vehicles you want for less?
  • Should you consider fuel and maintenance programs for your fleet?
  • What are the advantages of outsourcing your fleet management?

The posts will follow a similar format including:

  1. Proposing a question or introducing a topic
  2. Defining necessary terms in easy to understand language
  3. Taking a closer look at the topic or providing an in-depth answer to the question
  4. Insight directly from an expert on the Union Leasing team
  5. Key takeaways

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To start with, here are some basic definitions of fleet terms:

Commercial Fleet

A commercial fleet is a group of vehicles used for business purposes. A fleet can be made up of a few vehicles or thousands of vehicles, and the needs of each fleet are unique. A fleet can be one of the largest expenses for an organization, and requires someone to manage the costs and assets effectively. 

Fleet Manager

A fleet manager is a professional who manages a fleet of vehicles, either directly or by partnering with an outside organization. Effectively managing a fleet of vehicles requires purchasing, selling, tracking, and maintaining vehicles, not to mention the administrative burden of reporting duties as well as tax, title and registration management. This why many fleet managers partner with an outside organization to support the management of their fleet.

Fleet Management Company

A fleet management company (FMC) is an organization of fleet professionals with expertise in all tasks associated with managing and operating a fleet of vehicles including departmental expertise in fleet administration, maintenance and fuel, purchasing and selling vehicles, etc. As experts with years of experience who work with many fleets every day, a fleet management company can confidently make the best decisions for your fleet’s unique needs.

We look forward to providing you with posts to help you better manage your fleet and have a solid understanding of fleet management terms, tools and best practices.

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