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Fleet Vehicle Registration Renewal: Now Even More Complicated in Illinois

Is the thought of standing in line at the DMV to get your license plate sticker (or attempting to renew it online) right up there with getting your teeth cleaned? For most people it’s a nuisance that takes up time and is rarely an enjoyable experience. When it comes to managing not just one vehicle but a fleet of vehicles this process can be downright atrocious and overwhelming. For those in Illinois, this process has just become even more complicated. The Illinois Secretary of State’s office has suspended mailing out vehicle registration renewal reminder notices

Why are they suspending mailed reminders? 

The suspension on mailing reminders is due to the lack of state budget. By not mailing out these reminders it will save the state of Illinois approximately $450,000 per month. This will also allow them to prolong mailing stickers, titles and license plates for a few months longer before the postage account is fully depleted. While this reminder is technically only a courtesy of the state, it is something many people and businesses have come to rely on when managing their vehicles’ registration renewals.

An Administrative Headache

More people will be forced to visit facilities to renew their registration stickers now because without a reminder notice they will not have the information necessary to renew online. While you can sign up for email reminders or even renew online, you’ll need the registration number and PIN previously provided on renewal notices. If you’ve opted-in to receive email reminders you will continue to receive them and the state is encouraging more people to sign up for these paperless, electronic reminders. This trend to “go green” combined the savings realized by this suspension of mailed notices doesn’t bode well for the return of mailed paper notices. That being said, it’s best to set up a system for managing this for your fleet now. 

Risks and Additional Concerns

As a fleet manager you already have to manage when your company’s vehicles’ registrations are expiring. However, now you may not even be able to renew these registrations online if you previously relied on the reminder notice to provide a registration number and PIN. If you don’t have this information you’ll need to call the Secretary of State’s office to request this information for your vehicles. You will also need to have a company credit card available to renew online or else you will have to go stand in line at the DMV to renew them with a check. Additionally, by missing a vehicle registration renewal you are opening up your drivers to getting pulled over and getting ticketed.

An Easy Solution: Outsourcing

Fleet managers can remove the admin headache that is registration renewal by outsourcing this to a fleet management company. Companies like Union Leasing offer registration renewal programs where this task is completely taken care of for you. Union Leasing even has the ability to print Illinois registration stickers in house. Whether you’ve been relying on paper notices or are already signed up for email reminders, you still have to be diligent about keeping track of all your vehicles’ registrations.

Let someone else take care of this for you; someone who manages this daily and can easily address any issues that may arise. Union Leasing renews in all fifty states. So even if you’re not in Illinois, or if you have a widespread fleet, you can still enroll in this program and get vehicle registration renewals taken care of for you. Sign up now to let us manage your renewals so you don’t have to worry about it.

vehicle registration renewal program

If you’re already enrolled in a registration renewal program with Union Leasing congrats, you’re ahead of the game! Use this opportunity to share this information with someone you know who could benefit from some advanced warning before they run into dealing with this themselves. 

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