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Hiring Millennial Drivers

High turnover rates and a shortage of drivers aren’t anything new for the fleet industry. But, when it comes to recruiting methods, something new just might be the solution. In today’s ever-evolving world, you need to make sure your recruiting and employee retention practices line up with the search methods and priorities of the current workforce.


The most common denominator amongst millennials is the use, love of, and reliance on technology and social media. The first step in recruiting millennial drivers: fish where the fish are. You aren’t just competing with other fleets; you’re competing with every potential job out there. Cast the biggest net; cover your usual bases and then take on social media. Whether it’s a Tweet, a LinkedIn post or an engaging visual on Facebook, you need to be appealing to potential employees through the media they frequent so you can get the word out. 


Next, get to know your hiring pool’s priorities and appeal to them. You may very well already offer a great package, but are you communicating that? Look at what you are offering and really assess if it aligns with millennial ideals. One study by Intelligence Group found that 64% of millennials would rather earn $40,000 at a job they love than $100,000 a year at a job they find boring. 


Very few millennials make their salary their top priority. The majority want the ability to make an impact on the business, a clear path for advancement, and development and ongoing feedback from their employer. Millennials want to take pride in their work and be given the opportunity for increased responsibility and leadership roles. Make sure you’re set up to provide this type of motivation; you need clear communication about business goals and how employees can contribute to your fleet’s success, along with structured employee evaluations that include direct objectives to measure employee, team, and company achievements. 


That said, fleet driving payment structures don’t always resonate with applicants. Do you advertise a rate per mile or a scheduled payout? Doing the math to determine how much they’d have to drive in order to make a decent wage can seem overwhelming and turn into a deterrent. Can you adjust that advertised rate to an average amount per week? Do you offer hiring or referral bonuses? Be specific about any benefits you offer and remember you’re appealing to an audience that knows little about the profession. 


Another opportunity to gain millennial applicants comes through education. What type of lifestyle will one have if employed with you? Entice applicants by painting a picture of how great their lives will be as a member of your team. For example, a website called Travel for America described the driver experience as "...a career where applicants can earn up to $60,000 a year exploring new places, make an impact on communities nationwide and meet people across the country."

Millennials want to be part of something, they want to feel valued, they want to love what they do. They are motivated by more than just income. So, when you set out to replenish your workforce, you need to evaluate if you are doing a good job of appealing to potential applicants. Whether you need to adjust your offerings or simply tweak the language and media you use to advertise your great company, you need to ensure it all ladders up to meeting the needs, wants and priorities of millennials.