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Insights from Jay Hooper – Regional Sales Manager at Union Leasing

Fleet Management, Fleet 101 Posted by Jay Hooper on June 7, 2018
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Jay Hooper_Regional-SpotlightI’ve been in the fleet management business for around 20 years, having worked my way up from rentals to sales. Right now the states in my region are: Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Wyoming. I’ve been in this region throughout most of my career, and it’s a huge plus that they are all well-connected to Texas where I’m based. The biggest industry footprints in this region are oil and gas, energy, construction, manufacturing, and healthcare. Each of these sectors presents both opportunities and challenges for our customers, who run fleets of vehicles for their employees.

The right vehicles with the right equipment

The medical sector has one of the biggest pushes in the industry right now, especially in Oklahoma, and our customers in this sector face some challenges when it comes to the types of fleets they require for their drivers. Let’s take those who have to drive around their patients from one place to another for instance—they need the right type of vehicle with the right kind of equipment, like: transfer seat base, wheelchair tiedowns, driving aids, mobility-transfer seats, and wheelchair lifts for vans.

In states like Texas and New Mexico, where the oil and gas industry is big—our customers often require vehicles that have a 4x4 capability in order to handle the terrain and a storage space for tools and equipment.

Timely access to fleets of vehicles is key to driving success

In Colorado, retail trade and professional services are big – and our customers always need to ensure that they don’t have any downtime due to lack of accessible vehicles. Their success hinges on the delivery of products and services in a timely manner.

In Wyoming, which is the least populous state in this region, mining and tourism are the top contributors to the economy, which means that access to quick mobility is important. In the tourism sector, for example, customers may be operating small tour buses or 4x4 vehicles to get people from point A to point B. So, for my customers, it all comes down to minimizing their downtime and maximizing their busy times, and so, flexibility is critical to their day-to-day operations.

All in all, quick and easy access to vehicles throughout my region is really important for my customers—from healthcare, to retail, and oil and gas, it all comes down to helping our them go places easily, while making sure that they stay on top of their game by overcoming any challenges.

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