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Q&A with our new President

Fleet Management Posted by Union Leasing on September 28, 2017

Back in early July, Union Leasing announced the appointment of our new president Todd Heemsoth. We sat down with Todd, who has an impressive track record of building and implementing information systems and strategic technologies, to talk about how he is going to leverage his past successes to grow the Union Leasing business and to get his perspective on the State of the Union.   Q-and-A.png

Q. Your background is rooted in technology and you have a reputation for being entrepreneurial – what are you most excited about in your new role? What are your priority corporate objectives?

I am most excited about coming into a company that has an incredible track record – the unmatched level of customer service, a nice, steady growth pattern and a very experienced team. I’m looking forward to building on what we’re already doing well – our back office processes and customer service – by seeing how we can integrate technology in order to optimize and deliver an even better experience to our customers and partners. I know that technology is not the answer to everything, but it can be applied to certain areas to get the most out of what we can deliver.

Q. What is your view of the current state of fleet management?

A lot of consolidation in the industry. And with us being customer-service focused, we have a lot to offer. A customer that fits our profile nicely might not be getting the attention and service they require from their current partner, and that’s where we can stand out, step in and provide the help and service they truly need. A “high-touch” experience is valuable to these customers and that’s what we provide to all of our customers. 

Q. How is the role of the fleet manager changing?

Now, more than ever, there is an expectation on the fleet manager to contain costs and mine the proper analytics to better manage their fleets. They need a partner that can help them do that.

Q. Where do you see this industry heading?

Well, almost every business today is becoming a data business and I don’t think that’s any different for our industry. Where technology is headed in telematics platforms – it’s interesting to see how that can be leveraged across all of our vehicles, in addition to providing insights and better-quality information to our customers about the usage of their vehicles, total cost of ownership and helping them predict when to perform preventative maintenance. Also, in the near future, we’ll be able to provide metrics that might not be available today and even build value-added services that generate revenue from those data points.   

Q. What does the State of the Union mean to you?
It means that we are experts in our field and great at listening to the needs of each customer, so we can provide cost-effective solutions and a high-level customer experience in order to make each fleet run as efficiently as possible.

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