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Sustainable Growth: Kent Boskovich featured in Automotive Fleet

Union_Leasing_Kent_Boskovich.pngUnion Leasing President Kent Boskovich was recently featured in an article in Automotive Fleet Magazine. Boskovich joined Union Leasing in 1998 as a regional sales manager, and advanced to a management role before becoming president in 2007. He has taken Union Leasing from a fleet leasing provider to a full-service fleet management provider. In the article titled Union Leasing Focused on Steady, Sustainable Growth, Boskovich discusses Union Leasing’s short and long-term goals for growth, new initiatives, what differentiates Union Leasing and more. He goes on to weigh in on trends facing small and mid-sized fleets moving forward. 

Looking Toward the Future

When asked how he is positioning Union Leasing for the future, Boskovich replied:

“Our goal for the long-term future of Union Leasing is steady, sustainable growth while maintaining our agility and responsiveness to our clientele. Their needs play a significant role in our long-term strategy. By listening to the challenges they face, we are able to evolve without losing the personal touch we pride ourselves on.” 

He went on to discuss short terms goals that are part of their strategy including welcoming new clients organically and through acquisition. Union Leasing acquired Express 4x4 Truck Rental in an effort to diversify assets and markets while pursuing clients who value stability and high quality customer service. Boskovich discussed how Express 4x4 Truck Rental is a provider in a variety of markets that complement Union Leasing’s existing client base and thus broadens Union Leasing’s reach and ability.

Focused on Customer Service

Union Leasing’s fleet is comprised of 45% passenger vehicles, 42% light-duty trucks, and 13% medium-duty trucks. With Union Leasing’s focus on high-touch customer service, they intend to be pragmatic and diligent in evaluating potential acquisitions. Union Leasing left the government fleet market, which, according to Boskovich, was not an easy decision. However, the government fleet market did not align with Union Leasing’s culture of customer care and personalized attention. 

Automotive Fleet Industry Trends

When asked about the current trends facing small and mid-sized fleets, Boskovich referenced managing growth effectively, clients looking for more than just a vendor, increased sophistication, and the change in generations in the business world as the four most important trends that affect Union Leasing and its clients. Boskovich went on to say:

“With all of the resources and technology available to our client-base, they are growing increasingly sophisticated in their approach to evaluating fleet management solutions. Gone are the days of making decisions based on the amount of a lease payment; our marketplace is looking for more knowledge and experience, combined with a partner that is willing to put some skin in the game to help them prosper.”

Setting Union Leasing Apart

Finally, when asked what differentiates Union Leasing from other fleet management companies, Boskovich replied “the people.” He went on to say how experienced and knowledgeable the Union Leasing team is and how valuable this is to clients. Boskovich mentions:

“One accomplishment I am most proud of during my time at Union Leasing is the commitment we have made to put together the best group of people in the fleet management industry. It is that commitment to our people that has elevated Union Leasing to its current position in our marketplace.”

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