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The End of Illinois Vehicle Emissions Test Reminders

emissions-test.pngRenewing fleet vehicle registration in Illinois has just become even more complicated. As 2015 was wrapping up, the Secretary of State stopped mailing license plate renewal reminders, which many vehicle owners had come to rely on. Furthermore, while you could sign up for email reminders, you had to have the information from your last reminder or spend time on the phone to track it down. Well, it comes as no real surprise that now the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency is no longer mailing emissions test notice reminders either. 

Is Emissions Testing Required?

In certain counties and certain vehicle model years, passing the emissions test is required in order to renew the Illinois license plates. The first group to not receive the emissions test reminders will be those whose license plates expire in March of 2016. Granted, you can simply look at the sticker to know when it expires but this does not necessarily mean this is when you need an emissions test. In addition, electric vehicles are among those exempt from emissions testing according to the IEPA.

Lack of Reminders Already Causing Headaches

The suspension of mailed vehicle registration reminders has already proven to be challenging. According to an article by the Daily Herald, in just the first month of the suspension of the mailed reminders, vehicle registration renewals fell by 19 percent. Without the reminders, people are simply forgetting to renew their registration, which can lead to tickets, fines and potentially even keep your drivers off the road.

Allowing Time for Testing

It may become a time consuming challenge to renew vehicle registrations for your fleet moving forward. You may go stand in line at the DMV, be ready to renew a registration, and then be told your vehicle requires an emissions test. It is recommended that you have vehicles tested weeks or even a couple months prior to the license plate renewal date. This way, you’re allowing sufficient time to get the vehicle repaired if the test is not passed. If this process is not completed in a timely fashion it could mean time off the road for your vehicles (and your employees) as well as added expenses.

A Simple Solution for Fleet Vehicles

Ditch the administrative headache that is managing the registration renewals of your fleet vehicles by outsourcing this to a fleet management company. For example, with Union Leasing’s registration renewal program, we’re able to print license plate stickers in house. This means no waiting in long DMV lines or even having to remember in the first place. However, we will not be able to renew the registration until the emissions test is completed. If this is the case, we will notify the driver or fleet manager so they can get the vehicle tested promptly and move forward with the registration process. Since these reminders are only suspended in Illinois, if you have Illinois vehicles, we’re happy to enroll just those vehicles in the renewal program.

If you’re already enrolled in a registration renewal program with Union Leasing, congrats! You’re ahead of the game. Use this opportunity to share this information with someone you know who could benefit from some advanced warning before they run into dealing with this themselves.

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