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5 Reasons to Add a Flexible Truck Rental Program to Your Fleet Plan

4X4 Truck Rental Posted by Chuck Hooker, Director of Sales on June 2, 2015

Sometimes purchasing or leasing your fleet vehicles makes sense. However, in some markets it may not make sense to have your vehicles year round. Maybe you have holiday peaks, seasonal needs, or need vehicles on a project-by-project basis. Then what do you do? That’s when a flexible, commercial truck rental program would fit your needs. Here are a few top reasons to consider this: 

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The Hazards of Local Truck Renting

4X4 Truck Rental Posted by Chuck Hooker, Director of Sales on November 14, 2014

If your business has to bid for work, or has project-based vehicle needs, the best way to beat the competition is with lower overhead costs and greater operating efficiencies. One approach to achieve those objectives is to use a truck rental provider to fill your project-based requirements. The question is how to choose between the local provider and a commercial fleet rental company in order to achieve the benefits you know are there.

Local providers might look like the most convenient option, but for many “hard use” commercial renters local rental companies are not prepared for your kind of use and will bite you in the end. Remember not everything that says ‘commercial’ or ‘heavy duty’ actually is. This is also true with rental 4x4 pickup trucks. Whether you own them or rent them, you need the right vehicle to get the job done. If you need specialized vehicles with practical, off-road capabilities, that can be used in remote locations, and will be returned with commercial levels of wear and tear, a local offering is not going to serve your needs. Instead you should be looking at national B2B commercial rental companies that know how you will use the vehicles that you are renting.

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