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Union Leasing at the Avenues to Independence Golf Outing – 2018 Edition

Posted by Jeff Malko, Vice President of Customer Experience on August 2, 2018
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Untitled design (20)Last week, Union Leasing attended the annual Avenues to Independence Golf Outing, which took place in Chicago, Illinois. Avenues is a non-profit organization that provides homes, jobs, and community living programs to adults in the Chicago area with physical, intellectual, and other developmental disabilities. Their goal is to provide work and living opportunities to those with disabilities, enabling them to be as independent as possible. It was a great event held by wonderful people – we met with a few customers and vendors, and got to network a little while enjoying the day out golfing!

Throughout the day, we met with a few customers who expressed that one of the challenges they currently face is around vehicle availability—especially when it comes to timing and requesting vehicles instantly. One of the factors, for example, that often slows down the availability of vehicles is manufacturers’ reallocation of vehicles, or delays in the availability of newer models. This certainly impacts our customers, especially those who are in demanding industries (such as construction or healthcare) and want vehicles available on demand.

Telematics is already disrupting the industry, and customers want in

In addition, one of the topics that came up in some of the conversations we had at the event was telematics – some of the customers we met with were interested in the topic and how it can help them better evolve their business needs. The great thing about telematics is that it provides accurate and timely data that helps customers stay informed. When this data is put to use and a strategy is built around it to improve a customer’s fleet efficiency, it becomes quite beneficial. Moreover, telematics can help customers with the following:

  • Their vehicle’s locations and where they have been earlier in the day
  • Fuel economy and efficiency
  • Maintenance needs, diagnostic trouble codes and recalls
  • Virtually all of the data they would need to analyze and strategize their fleet’s use

Another of the notable benefits we discussed around telematics with those interested was fleets being able to automatically retrieve the coveted odometer information, which is important for accurate cost-per-mile calculations and maintenance forecasting.

Overall, it was great to be in that social atmosphere and the event was very entertaining. Having the opportunity to be out with the entire team here, meet with a few customers, and chat with some of the vendors who attended, was very beneficial.