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Union Leasing's Greg Carson Featured in Work Truck Magazine Article

Union Leasing’s Greg Carson, Vice President of Operations, was recently featured in an article in Work Truck Magazine. In the article titled 14 Tips to Improve Upfit Spec’ing, Carson gives recommendations on identifying equipment in advance, avoiding certain upfits that threaten your warranty, and more. His contributions added valuable insight to the article. 

In the article which covers 14 different tips, Carson weighed in on three that we found particularly interesting. When discussing common mistakes he noted:

“A common mistake is not identifying needed equipment in advance when ordering a truck regarding the upfit necessary.” (tweet this)

(Image courtesy of Work Truck Magazine)         

Carson also mentioned how certain upfits can invalidate an OEM warranty. He suggested consulting with the vehicle manufacturer.

“It is important to consult with the vehicle manufacturer to validate installed upfits will not have any negative impact on the new-vehicle warranty.” (tweet this)

Finally, when discussing the “85-percent rule” which is an industry standard often looked over when upfitting, Carson mentioned another common mistake. The 85-percent rule means that if a vehicle is operated at 100 percent of its capacity then repair costs will increase and the life of the vehicle will decrease. However, when operating a vehicle at 85 percent capacity there will be no negative effects on the vehicle. Carson elaborated saying: 

“Another mistake is not properly obtaining the proper GVW vehicle to accommodate the needed upfit.” (tweet this)

Read the entire article including all 14 tips to improve upfit spec’ing and Greg Carson’s insights and let us know what you think.

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