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Women in Fleet: Rhonda Zielinski

Posted by Rhonda Zielinski, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing on February 9, 2018
Rhonda Zielinski, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
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Having started off my career in Fortune 500 companies across different capacities like sales and marketing, leasing sales, and product strategy, I feel like I have a well-rounded view about key players and customers in the industry. I entered fleet management five years ago, starting at Sasser Family Holdings but on the rail industry side. I then joined Union Leasing three years ago as SVP, Sales and Marketing with the aim of positioning the company for growth, specifically by targeting customers that value high-touch customer service and are quite dependent on fleet management partners. It was then that we started asking how we can position ourselves for future growth. What’s really interesting is the role that technology plays to help us better facilitate our approach with our customers.

Technology as an enabler for better customer experience

I’m always curious to see how technology can enable us to further enhance our customer experience, and the tools we can leverage to help us achieve that. For Union Leasing, creating a customer portal was the first step towards improving the overall customer experience. The idea here was to create a portal that was easy to use and that would really help us analyze their data better. So the interface is designed in a way that’s quite intuitive and informative so that a non-fleet manager can navigate their way through it. And it’s great because the majority of our customers really do rely on the insights we provide them.

The future: smart fleet management solutions

We attended the CES 2018 show back in January, and all the major car manufacturers had a presence there. It was exciting to see that vehicles will be able to communicate with infrastructure, buildings, people, other vehicles, and traffic signals. The cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) technology will revolutionize the transportation, fleet management, and mobility industries. A report published by Grand View Research revealed that the smart fleet management sector is expected to be worth $565.1 billion by 2025. At Union Leasing, we understand the direction the industry is moving as a result of these innovative technologies and we have every intention of accommodating the connected-to-everything world. And, as a growing company, we’re agile enough to adapt to the changes rapidly headed our way. 

What the industry changes mean for Union Leasing

Fleet management, from what I’ve seen, is evolving from a focus on the asset to a focus on the people who lease, pay for, drive, ride, and manage that asset. It’s not the specifications of the vehicle that solely matter anymore, but rather the experience the customers have in and around it and how that results in improvements in efficiencies and costs for the customer. From the start, my vision for Union Leasing was to position for growth—and attending events like CES confirmed our plans with respect to the customer experience, mobility, and exciting new products this year. Stay tuned!

An exceptional customer experience means an exceptional employee experience

For me, a large part of leadership has always been about appreciating the uniqueness in every team member and leveraging this to help them become more successful. Beyond that, it’s about creating an environment that can facilitate the team being genuine with the customer. For instance, the team at Union Leasing recently conducted customer experience and customer journey mapping to identify meaningful moments that matter to the customer, and to continuously find ways to add value; value that matters to the customer.  

To ensure customer experience is front and center, we’ve made key organizational changes from traditionally siloed operations teams to a collaborative team approach, for a seamless customer-centered experience. This change includes customer experience check points to drive complete customer satisfaction, end to end.

Our world is rapidly changing, and we are changing with it to ensure our customers are positioned well for the new world. We’re focused on the future more than ever and on how we’ll provide solutions that are consistent with the movement of the industry in regards to autonomous vehicles and the shared experience economy.Women in Fleet Blogs