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Q&A with our new President

Fleet Management Posted by Union Leasing on September 28, 2017

Back in early July, Union Leasing announced the appointment of our new president Todd Heemsoth. We sat down with Todd, who has an impressive track record of building and implementing information systems and strategic technologies, to talk about how he is going to leverage his past successes to grow the Union Leasing business and to get his perspective on the State of the Union.   

Q. Your background is rooted in technology and you have a reputation for being entrepreneurial – what are you most excited about in your new role? What are your priority corporate objectives?

I am most excited about coming into a company that has an incredible track record – the unmatched level of customer service, a nice, steady growth pattern and a very experienced team. I’m looking forward to building on what we’re already doing well – our back office processes and customer service – by seeing how we can integrate technology in order to optimize and deliver an even better experience to our customers and partners. I know that technology is not the answer to everything, but it can be applied to certain areas to get the most out of what we can deliver.

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Women in Fleet: Marcia Schroeder

women in fleet Posted by Marcia Schroeder, Regional Sales Manager on September 21, 2017

As a woman in the fleet management industry for almost 40 years, I’ve seen a lot of change with technology, globalization, and consolidation, but what’s most surprising is how much this business has actually stayed the same. From a sales perspective, it’s still a relationship-based business. It’s far from transactional – it’s a complicated decision for your customers to make and it’s a complicated process to manage. My role is to help my customers make the right choices and manage their budgets like they’re my own. I still have customers that I’ve had since the beginning – that’s what keeps me going. 

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6 Signs You're With the Wrong Fleet Management Company

Tips and Advice, Fleet Management Posted by Union Leasing on September 12, 2017

So you decided to get a fleet management company to help you with your business. Good decision! But lately, you've been disappointed and overwhelmed, and you need a bit more support from your partner. Here are some red flags to watch out for – if you recognize any or all of them, reach out and let us tell you how our personalized approach and customized solutions can help lighten your load. 

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Continuing Education: The Fleet Manager’s Friend

Posted by Bill Sihksnel, Regional Sales Manager on August 24, 2017

Knowing your stuff inside and out is table stakes. To be competitive in today’s progressive and challenging industry, a fleet manager must not only be professional and highly skilled, but also have the credentials to back it up. 

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The Gamification of Safe Driving

Posted by Rhonda Zielinski, SVP Sales and Marketing on August 17, 2017

Your employees are your greatest investment and asset. When you put them first, everything improves, including your bottom line. As we all know, happy employees are more productive employees and this same logic follows when it comes to your fleet. Safe and happy drivers better maintain a safe and happy fleet. 

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Effective Fleet Planning Starts Early

Fleet Management Posted by Jeremy Green, Inside Sales Manager on August 10, 2017

Planning well ahead for vehicle replacements and additions to your fleet can mean getting the right vehicles you need, on time, plus potential cost savings, so it’s definitely an exercise worth doing.

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Tips for Summer Weather Driving

Tips and Advice Posted by Chris Shellenbach, Regional Sales Manager on July 6, 2017

Statistically, the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are some of the most dangerous for drivers in the United States. This is due to more teen drivers, motorcycles and bicycles being on the road, more people taking family road trips and, of course, construction. Summer weather also contributes to the number of fatal accidents. We’re well into summer now, but in retrospect, we almost always remember the weather as being hot and sunny. We tend to forget or block out the potentially dangerous thunderstorms and other extreme weather conditions that can be prevalent during this season.

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Most Useful Mobile Apps for Drivers

Posted by Jeremy Green, Inside Sales Manager on June 22, 2017

With in-car technology on the rise and now widely embraced, we are literally not far off from having a car like the fictional one that was imagined back in 1982 on the hit TV show Knight Rider. Autonomous cars now exist in real life, have collision avoidance technology, and they can talk to you (except the name is probably Siri, not K.I.T.T.)! 

While in-car technology is still in the early stages, and early adopters are not too common, not everyone can benefit from these features from manufacturers. So in the meantime, those who don’t yet have “smart cars” can still use the technology built for drivers in the form of mobile apps. 

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Lightweighting for Fuel Efficiency

Fleet Management Posted by Chris Shellenbach, Regional Sales Manager on June 1, 2017

It’s a basic principle of physics that if something weighs more, it needs more energy to move it. How this affects your fleet is mainly in its fuel economy (or lack thereof). Think about this: 

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Fleet Challenges Faced by the Construction Industry

Fleet Management Posted by Marty Lyons, Regional Sales Manager on May 25, 2017

In parts of the country, some of the first signs of spring and summer are construction jobs ramping up everywhere you look. The main goal for fleet managers in the construction industry is to track the use of each truck and piece of equipment, including monitoring costs associated with operating each piece, making sure to stay within the company’s fleet budget. They also look for ways to cut vehicle and equipment costs.

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