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Choosing The Right Vehicles for Your Fleet: Vans vs Pickup Trucks

Tips and Advice Posted by Sheri Smith, ‎Purchasing Manager at Union Leasing on October 26, 2016

Vehicle selection is no simple task. A common hang-up we hear from customers is knowing what type of vans or pickup trucks they should use in their fleet. When it comes to choosing between the two, total cost of ownership is important, but there are several additional elements that can be just as critical to consider. For example, job function, efficiency, driver comfort, and location(s) are all essential when deciding how to stock your fleet. To help, we’ve compiled a short list of questions and considerations for you to take under advisement before picking a side. 

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Hiring Millennial Drivers

Tips and Advice Posted by Rhonda Zielinski, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing on October 19, 2016

High turnover rates and a shortage of drivers aren’t anything new for the fleet industry. But, when it comes to recruiting methods, something new just might be the solution. In today’s ever-evolving world, you need to make sure your recruiting and employee retention practices line up with the search methods and priorities of the current workforce.

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Fleet Management 101: Thorough (but fast) vehicle inspections

Fleet 101 Posted by Rob Jarzombek. Sr. Technical Advisor. on October 12, 2016

Pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspections are a best practice for every fleet, and for good reason. They keep drivers in tune with their vehicles, while carving out time to catch any maintenance or safety issues before they become a road-side call. Inspections also have the added benefit of helping the vehicle last longer and wear better.

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It’s Drive Safely Work Week!

Driver Safety Posted by Rhonda Zielinski, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing on October 4, 2016

The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) launched its 2016 Drive Safely Work Week campaign yesterday. Targeting company drivers and commuters, the week promotes safe-driving education and awareness. The campaign comes at a great time, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration just announced that traffic fatalities increased 7.2% in 2015 over the previous year—which is the largest percentage increase in the last half century.

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Safe Driving in Fall Weather

Driver Safety Posted by Dan Darbor, Regional Sales Manager on September 28, 2016

Fall tends to feel like a mild driving season; summer construction is starting to wrap up and the depths of winter are still at bay. But as the saying goes, safety never takes a holiday. Drivers must always be vigilant; even when—perhaps especially when—they feel like they can relax a little.

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3 Most Common Ways to Upfit Your Trucks and Vans

Tips and Advice Posted by Sheri Smith, ‎Purchasing Manager at Union Leasing on September 21, 2016

Thinking of upfitting your fleet to better suit your drivers’ needs? Here are the most popular ways to do it (and the reasons why).

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When a terminated employee won’t return your vehicle

Tips and Advice Posted by Rhonda Zielinski, SVP Sales ad Marketing on September 15, 2016

Nine times out of 10—if not more often—the process of retrieving a fleet vehicle from a terminated employee is hassle free.

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Fleet Management 101: Open-end vs. Closed-end Lease

Fleet 101 Posted by Jeff Malko, Regional Sales Manager on September 7, 2016

It used to be that commercial leases came as one fixed offering: fleets were given a monthly rate that was determined by the lease duration and expected mileage. This option (the closed-end lease) is still available, but now fleet managers have another leasing option that allows for more flexibility: the open-end lease.

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Three lifecycle management strategies for your fleet

Fleet Management Posted by Greg Carson, Vice President Operations on August 17, 2016

Lifecycle management is about accounting for a vehicle’s total operating costs. More than just the initial price of the vehicle, lifecycle management includes the costs for fuel, insurance, licensing, routine maintenance and parts replacement—not to mention any costs associated with administration and downtime (the loss of productivity) during repairs.

Why bother with the math? Because it gives you a more accurate idea of when to replace a vehicle in your fleet—saving you money in the long run.

Granted, not all fleets will have the same priorities in managing all the cost variables. For example, one company might be comfortable absorbing the cost of downtime, whereas another company will see it as a direct loss in revenue.

Lifecycle management makes room for managing cost variables differently. There are three widely accepted strategies for vehicle replacement.

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Why accident management costs are increasing and what to do about it

Fleet Management Posted by Bill Krick, Manager of Fleet Services on August 10, 2016

Accidents happen. When you manage a fleet, you know this to be inherently true. The question is why does the annual budget for dealing with accidents continue to rise?

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