The Gamification of Safe Driving

Aug 17, 2017 7:36:00 AM |

Your employees are your greatest investment and asset. When you put them first, everything improves, including your bottom line. As we all know, happy employees are more productive employees and this same logic follows when it comes to your fleet. Safe and happy drivers better maintain a safe and happy fleet. 

The benefits of mandated safe drivingGamification-Safe-Driving (1).png

  • Saves lives – So simple, yet it can’t be said enough. Keep your employees, and those who share the road with them, safe.
  • Saves money – According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the average crash costs an employer $16,500, $74,000 with an injury and upwards of $500,000 for a fatality. (That’s a lot of money to shell out, especially for preventable collisions!)
  • Reduces unnecessary wear and tear – Additional maintenance due to careless driving can add up quickly.
  • Protects precious cargo – Nothing is worse than waiting for something to arrive and discovering it’s damaged. Keep your clients satisfied and that repeat business coming with goods that are delivered intact and unmarked.
  • Demonstrates good employee relations – These people literally put the wheels in motion for your business, so it’s important that they feel valued.
  • Upholds company reputation – Your vehicles are basically traveling billboards – anything that happens on the road is a direct representation of your business.

Although the benefits of safe driving are both obvious and far reaching, simply implementing a standard driver safety program or checklist can be challenging. Resistance to change and a perceived lack of personal gain are common hurdles that companies must deal with when introducing a new way of doing things. 

Safe driving can be all fun and games

Fleet management gamification is an approach that uses telematics technology to produce actionable data and spark healthy competition. Each driver receives a safety score based on their driving habits and vehicle performance. The better the score, either as a personal best or group ranking, the more likely they are to receive a reward. The idea is to mold and modify behavior through positive reinforcement and increased accountability, but it can also act as a safeguard, alerting businesses to drivers who are in serious need of improvement. For example, those who ride the brakes, have a lead foot, or idle unnecessarily, wasting fuel and polluting the environment, will see this reflected in a less desirable score. 

Are you game for gamification?

If you like the sound of gamification for safe driving and think it could be a good motivator for your employees, you may want to check out the following technologies and program providers we’ve come across: 

“Low-cost fleet tracking, made simple”
Zubie connects your fleet vehicles to the Internet to deliver real-time location, trip history, maintenance alerts, engine diagnostics, and driving insights. 

“Rewards-driven Fleet Tracking that Drivers Love”
Azuga turns vehicles in motion into intelligence customers can use to improve safety, efficiency, and profitability. Thanks to the fleet actionable data and gamification that Azuga provides, managers can avoid the expenses, inefficiencies, and dangers that result from risky, careless driving. This also helps to alter their management style from “gotcha” to “great job” effortlessly, helping to retain and motivate team members to drive safely. 

Safe driving is key to successful and efficient fleet management. When companies creatively encourage and engage employees to participate in a safe driving culture, everyone wins.


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