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Fleet Management 101: What is telematics, anyway?

Fleet 101 Posted by Greg Carson, Vice President Operations on May 12, 2016

If you’re new to fleet management, you’ve probably heard telematics get tossed around in your research. And while the industry has some great advice about how to integrate telematics or how to interpret the data that comes from monitoring the fleet, there aren’t as many articles that discuss the basics.

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Fleet Management 101 – Should you lease, buy, or rent?

Fleet 101 Posted by Jeff Malko, Vice President of Customer Experience on February 25, 2016

Making the decision to own, lease or rent a vehicle can be tricky. Chances are you’ve had to make this choice in your personal life with your own vehicle, but when it comes to company fleets there’s more to consider. We’re here to explain the basics of what you need to know before jumping into a new vehicle commitment.  

What’s the difference?

First, some basic definitions:

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Build a Foundation: Fleet Management 101 Series

Fleet 101 Posted by Union Leasing on December 10, 2015

Union Leasing is excited to announce our forthcoming series of educational posts: Fleet Management 101. By learning from all of the posts in this series you will build a significant foundation of knowledge about fleet management terminology and best practices. 

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