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Fleet Challenges Faced by the Landscaping Industry

Fleet Management Posted by Scott Lease, Regional Sales Manager on March 23, 2017

With spring right around the corner, landscaping companies will soon be ramping up to meet blossoming demands. It’s go time! And whether you’re waiting for the snow to clear or you’re in a warmer location with year-round landscaping demands, you need to be on top of your equipment requirements heading into the upcoming, extra-busy season. Fleet expenses are a major part of most landscaping companies’ overall budgets and can fluctuate, depending on usage and maintenance. Your fleet is your lifeblood – reliable and well-maintained equipment gets your crews to the jobsites and makes them faster, more efficient, and more profitable.

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Three lifecycle management strategies for your fleet

Fleet Management Posted by Greg Carson, Vice President Operations on August 17, 2016

Lifecycle management is about accounting for a vehicle’s total operating costs. More than just the initial price of the vehicle, lifecycle management includes the costs for fuel, insurance, licensing, routine maintenance and parts replacement—not to mention any costs associated with administration and downtime (the loss of productivity) during repairs.

Why bother with the math? Because it gives you a more accurate idea of when to replace a vehicle in your fleet—saving you money in the long run.

Granted, not all fleets will have the same priorities in managing all the cost variables. For example, one company might be comfortable absorbing the cost of downtime, whereas another company will see it as a direct loss in revenue.

Lifecycle management makes room for managing cost variables differently. There are three widely accepted strategies for vehicle replacement.

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Why accident management costs are increasing and what to do about it

Fleet Management Posted by Bill Krick, Manager of Fleet Services on August 10, 2016

Accidents happen. When you manage a fleet, you know this to be inherently true. The question is why does the annual budget for dealing with accidents continue to rise?

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9 Tips for getting the most from your tires

Fleet Management Posted by Greg Carson, Vice President Operations on July 20, 2016

Despite three years of relatively flat tire costs, it’s still not cheap to replce tires in your fleet. With a well-defined tire maintenance program in place, you can save a considerable amount of money by prolonging intervals between replacements. Of course, tire maintenance isn’t only about cost savings. Better-maintained tires mean better fuel mileage, improved driver safety, as well as lower chances of roadside emergencies and expensive downtime.

Since there are several factors that contribute to the life and performance of a tire, here’s some advice that could save you headaches in the long run!

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How best to manage vehicle depreciation

Fleet Management Posted by Bill Womack, VP of Sales on June 22, 2016

Last month, Black Book released a residual value forecast that highlighted rising vehicle depreciation

Here are highlights from the forecast:

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Is Telematics Right for Your Fleet?

Fleet Management Posted by Greg Carson, Vice President Operations on May 3, 2016

When you think about what telematics is capable of, it’s no wonder it is making headlines. Here’s a
technology that can not only elevate customer experience, but can improve the efficiency of operations. For the first time, fleet managers can monitor logistics, route times, vehicle speeds and driving behavior from afar. Telematics can also produce information invaluable for monitoring idle times and associated fuel costs, and for isolating questionable driving practices.

Most importantly for fleets, telematics can automatically retrieve that coveted odometer information, which is crucial for accurate cost per mile calculations and maintenance forecasting.

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How Are Fleet Fuel Costs Impacting Your Business?

Fleet Management Posted by Greg Carson, Vice President Operations on April 6, 2016

The impact of fleet fuel costs on business operations is a question people typically ask when gas prices are high. Since we’re all enjoying historically low fuel costs, fuel-efficiency seems like a non-issue right now. And while it’s perfectly understandable to take advantage of low fuel costs – by either adding to a fleet or upgrading to better vehicles at the expense of fuel efficiency – there is still wisdom in sticking to the long-term plan that fits your fleet and business goals.

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The End of Illinois Vehicle Emissions Test Reminders

Fleet Management Posted by Kathie Jarzombek, License, Title & Tax Manager on March 17, 2016

Renewing fleet vehicle registration in Illinois has just become even more complicated. As 2015 was wrapping up, the Secretary of State stopped mailing license plate renewal reminders, which many vehicle owners had come to rely on. Furthermore, while you could sign up for email reminders, you had to have the information from your last reminder or spend time on the phone to track it down. Well, it comes as no real surprise that now the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency is no longer mailing emissions test notice reminders either. 

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Fleet Vehicle Registration Renewal: Now Even More Complicated in Illinois

Fleet Management Posted by Kathie Jarzombek, License, Title & Tax Manager on November 5, 2015

Is the thought of standing in line at the DMV to get your license plate sticker (or attempting to renew it online) right up there with getting your teeth cleaned? For most people it’s a nuisance that takes up time and is rarely an enjoyable experience. When it comes to managing not just one vehicle but a fleet of vehicles this process can be downright atrocious and overwhelming. For those in Illinois, this process has just become even more complicated. The Illinois Secretary of State’s office has suspended mailing out vehicle registration renewal reminder notices

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Fleet Challenges Faced by the Home Care & Hospice Industry

Fleet Management Posted by Chris Shellenbach, Regional Sales Manager on October 29, 2015

Is the Affordable Care Act causing your home care or hospice organization pain? Medicare payment to home healthcare providers has been cut by 3% or more. This caused a lot of upset within the industry. According to the National Association for Homecare & Hospice, by their calculations more than half of home care agencies will be paid less than the cost of care by 2017. 

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