Union Leasing Inc. Acquires Walser Leasing

Jan 15, 2016 7:45:00 AM | Union Leasing in the News


Acquisition expands Union Leasing's leadership in fleet service management and enhances service, technology and expertise offered to customers.

Union Leasing Inc., America’s premier fleet leasing and management services provider, today announces the acquisition of Walser Leasing (Walser Financial Services), a leasing and fleet management solutions company servicing commercial fleets nationwide. 

The move expands Union Leasing’s total service offering while delivering enhanced services, technology and expertise to Walser’s current customer base. Kent Boskovich, President of Union Leasing explains:

“Incorporating Walser into the Union Leasing family is first and foremost building on our commitment to bring together the best group of people in the fleet management industry. At the same time, Walser offers us the opportunity to expand our services footprint and industry expertise, which is integral to our short-term growth plans and leverages our personal touch approach to providing a superior customer experience.”

Union Leasing’s long-term goal is to continue to diversify its vehicle portfolio with steady, sustainable growth and to provide products, services and technology that serve today’s customer in ways they value.

“I believe Union Leasing’s success in the marketplace comes from hard work and perseverance offered by our Union Leasing staff, and a commitment to live our core values of integrity, customer service, teamwork and adding value.”

Union Leasing is a subsidiary of Sasser Family Holdings Inc., a company known for its positive family involvement and innovative business practices. 

About Union Leasing Inc.

Union Leasing Inc. provides total fleet leasing and truck rental solutions for flexible vehicle lease financing and highly customized fleet management services to corporate and rental customers nationwide. Express 4x4 Truck Rental, a division of Union Leasing, provides short- and long-term 4x4 truck rental solutions to commercial customers for remote project work. Union Leasing was established in 1955 and is a subsidiary of Sasser Family Holdings, Inc. Sasser Family Holdings is a fourth-generation, family-held transportation asset services and management company, with roots dating back to 1928. Other SFH subsidiary business units include Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co.; CF Rail Services, LLC; CF Asia Pacific Group PTY Ltd.; NxGen Rail Services LLC; and Xcēd Aviation Services, LLC. The businesses are leaders in providing commercial and industrial-focused rail and ground support, vehicle transportation equipment solutions including asset leasing, fleet administration management, asset repair and maintenance, and innovative technology solutions throughout North America and Australia.

If you have any questions or for more information, contact us or Sasser Family Holdings, Inc. at www.sfhsinc.com.


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